Friday, October 3, 2014

TENDER - NAIROBI SCHOOL - Supply/Delivery of goods - CLOSE 30/10/2014

Tenders are invited for the supply and delivery of goods and services listed below to Nairobi School for the year 2015
  1. NS/01/2015 - Supply of Milk
  2. NS/02/2015 - Supply of Bread
  3. NS/03/2015 - Supply of foodstuffs - Cereals
  4. NS/04/2015 - Supply of Poultry products
  5. NS/05/2015 - Supply of Manufactured foodstuffs
  6. NS/06/2015 - Supply of beef sausages
  7. NS/07/2015 - Supply of Fresh vegetables
  8. NS/08/2015 - Supply of Fresh fruits
  9. NS/09/2015 - Supply of cleaning materials
  10. NS/10/2015 - Supply of Electrical materials
  11. NS/11/2015 - Supply of Firewood and charcoal
  12. NS/12/2015 - Supply of sports and games equipment
  13. NS/13/2015- Supply of laboratory equipment
  14. NS/14/2015 - Supply of vehicle inspection
  15. NS/15/2015 - Supply of paints
  16. NS/16/2015 - Supply of stationery
  17. NS/17/2015 - Supply of sanatorium drugs
  18. NS/18/2015 - Supply of swimming pool chemicals
  19. NS/19/2015 - Supply of staff uniforms
  20. NS/20/2015 - Repair and maintenance of school vehicles
  21. NS/21/2015 - Printing services
  22. NS/22/2015 - Repair of office equipment
  23. NS/23/2015 - Supply of hardware materials
  24. NS/24/2015 - Supply of textbooks
  25. NS/25/2015 - Supply of building materials
  26. NS/26/2015 - Supply of animal feeds and farm inputs
  27. NS/27/2015 - Supply of petrol and diesel
  28. NS/28/2015 - Supply of computer and computer accessories/toners/masters and cartridges
  29. NS/29/2015 - Provision of sanitary services
Tender documents are available in the school's accounts office on payment of a non-refundable fee of Sh1,000/-.
Duly completed tender documents in plain sealed envelops for each tender clearly marked with tender number and addressed to the undersigned should be placed in the tender box outside the school Bursar's office on or before 9 a.m. on Thursday 30 October 2014. Tender opening will take place on the same day at 10a.m. in the School Library. Applicants are invited to witness the opening. (Please ensure that a copy of the receipt issued when purchasing the tender document (s) from the school is enclosed.
All prices should be inclusive of government taxes where applicable.
The school reserves the right to accept or reject any tender.

The Secretary - Board of Management
Nairobi School, PO Box 30047-00100 Nairobi