Tuesday, October 7, 2014

TENDER - FSD AFRICA - consultancy - capacity assessment - CLOSES 24/10/14

The Kenya Institute of Bankers (KIB) jointly with FSD Africa (FSDA), wish to identify and contract a consultancy firm to carry out a strategic capacity assessment of the institute and its training programmes in banking and financial services.
KIB is a membership-based organization made up of corporate and individual members. It currently has 47 banks as corporate members with their employees as individual members. Some of the member and non-member banks have over 288 branches in the East African Community, South Sudan  and the rest of Africa. KIB has a governing council represented by corporate members from the banking and finance sector.
FSDA, a financial sector deepening trust, aims to support financial sector development across the African continent by encouraging skills development, transfer of knowledge (e.g. research, business models, policy approaches etc) across borders, and by building the capacity of financial systems in other ways. Supporting the development of well-functioning credit markets development is a priority for FSDA.
The primary purpose of the consultancy is to:
·         Carry out an institutional capacity assessment in light of KIB’s institutional re-engineering and skills demand from financial services industry. This should include identification of areas of vulnerability and specific recommendations on how these can be solved.
·         Consider KIB’s future role, proposing an imaginative vision for the institution that is both consistent with its current mandate and realistic in light of the resources that are likely to be available to it within reasonable expectations
·         Make recommendations of how KIB could strengthen capacity to meet its current and future needs; and
·         Propose a road map for the capacity strengthening process including monitoring indicators
Your proposal should contain:
·         Names and CVs (maximum 3 sides of A4 paper each) of lead consultant(s) including qualifications and relevant experience in providing the kind of assessment required aand an outline of team structure
·         A summary of your firm/s experience in providing the kind of analysis called for in the terms of reference
·         A description of your understanding of the role of the Consultants as outlined in the terms of reference
·         A description of how you/your firm intend to fulfil the services within the suggested timeline
·         A financial proposal – an estimated budget not to exceed 10 side of A4 (font size 11), excluding CVs, company brochures, etc should be sent to info@fsdafrica.org under a subject line reading “Invitation to tender:KIB strategic assessment”. Detailed terms of reference can be obtained from FSD Africa’s website www.fasafrica.org/opportunities

Proposals must be received by FSD Africa no later than 1200 EAT, Friday, 24/10/14