Thursday, October 30, 2014


We would like to invite you to participate in The Lifeline Hospitals supplier prequalification

You are required to complete the prequalification document in its entirety and provide
supporting documents.
The completed prequalification documents, addressed to “PROCUREMENT MANAGER” with
the vendor’s name clearly specified, together with evidence of payment of a non-refundable
fee of Kshs. 5,000 per Category must be delivered in a plain sealed envelope, with the code
and category name clearly marked on top of the envelope and deposited in the Tender Box
located at THE LIFELINE HOSPITALS Nairobi office, on or before the closing date (13TH NOV 2014
by close of business). The specific category Names and category codes are listed separately
Payments to be made to The Lifeline Hospitals Account number
Please note that T h e Lifeline Hospitals has the right to accept or reject applications
made in pursuant to the prequalification at its own discretion without assigning any reason
thereof. Any subsequent appointment made in pursuant to the prequalification is subject to
invitation to tender for specific jobs/services.
Yours faithfully,
Fadhili Ibrahim
TEL: 071666787

Category No. Item Description
TLH/PRE/C/1/2014/2016 Supply and delivery of laboratory chemicals
TLH/PRE/C/2/2014/2016 Supply and delivery of hospital linen
TLH/PRE/C/3/2014/2016 Supply and delivery of surgical instruments
TLH/PRE/C/4/2014/2016 Supply and delivery of medical equipments
TLH/PRE/C/5/2014/2016 Supply and delivery of office furniture
TLH/PRE/C/6/2014/2016 Supply and delivery of laboratory equipment
TLH/PRE/C/7/2014/2016 Supply and delivery of kitchen equipment
TLH/PRE/C/8/2014/2016 Supply and delivery of surgical equipment
TLH/PRE/C/9/2014/2016 Supply and delivery of hospital gases
TLH/PRE/C/10/2014/2016 Supply and delivery of drugs Vaccines and Fluids
TLH/PRE/C/11/2014/2016 Supply and delivery of hospital furniture
TLH/PRE/C/12/2014/2016 Supply and delivery of Dental consumables and Dental Instruments
TLH/PRE/C/13/2014/2016 Supply and delivery of Electronic appliances and accessories
TLH/PRE/C /14/2014/2016 Supply and delivery of photocopying machines
TLH/PRE/ST/15/2014/2016 Supply and delivery of Stationery and office items
TLH/PRE/ST/16/2014/2016 Supply and delivery of computers and computer accessories
TLH/PRE/ST/17/2014/2016 Supply and delivery of photocopying consumables
TLH/PRE/ST/18/2014/2016 Supply and delivery of Lifts commission installation and maintenance
TLH/PRE/ST/19/2014/2016 Supply and maintenance of Cold room services
TLH/PRE/ST/20/2014/2016 Supply and maintenance of Generators
TLH/PRE/ST/21/2014/2016 Supply and delivery of Specialized Vehicles
TLH/PRE/ST/22/2014/2016 Supply and installation of Solar Water Heater System
TLH/PRE/ST/23/2014/2016 Supply and delivery of Fresh Flowers
TLH/PRE/ST/24/2014/2016 Supply and delivery of Dry food stuffs
TLH/PRE/ST/25/2014/2016 Supply and delivery of Fruits and Vegetables
TLH/PRE/ST/26/2014/2016 Supply and delivery of Perishables Meat and fish
TLH/PRE/ST/27/2014/2016 Supply and delivery of Patient alarm bells
TLH/PRE/ST/28/2014/2016 Supply and Delivery of Laundry Equipment
TLH/PRE/ST/29/2014/2016 Supply, commissioning and maintenance of air condition

Works and Services

TLH/PRE/WS/1/2014/2016 Provision of Security; Guarding, Alarms,
TLH/PRE/WS/2/2014/2016 Provision of Courier services
TLH/PRE/WS/3/2014/2016 Provision of Electrical services, fittings and parts
TLH/PRE/WS/4/2014/2016 Provision of Repair and maintenance of server and computers.
TLH/PRE/WS/5/2014/2016 Provision of maintenance, repair and civil works
TLH/PRE/WS/6/2014/2016 Provision of servicing and repair of motor vehicles
THL/PRE/WS/7/2014/2016 Provision of Internet Services
TLH/PRE/WS/8/2014/2016 Provision of Safety Audit services
TLH/PRE/WS/9/2014/2016 Provision of CCTV asset tracking
TLH/PRE/WS/10/2014/2016 Provision of legal services
TLH/PRE/WS/11/2014/2016 Provision of Sanitary and Cleaning Services
TLH/PRE/WS/12/2014/2016 Provision of travel and hotel accommodation services
TLH/PRE/WS/13/2014/2016 Provision of Airtime and Newspapers
TLH/PRE/WS/14/2014/2016 Provision of General Insurance and staff Medical cover
TLH/PRE/WS/15/2014/2016 Provision of car hire services

TLH/PRE/WS/16/2014/2016 Provision of Fumigation and pest control services
TLH/PRE/WS/17/2014/2016 Provision of Laundry services
TLH/PRE/WS/18/2014/2016 Provision of Consultancy services
TLH/PRE/WS/19/2014/2016 Provision of HR Consultancy Services
TLH/PRE/WS/20/2014/2016 Provision of design work branding materials and printing services
TLH/PRE/WS/21/2014/2016 Provision of Catering services
TLH/PRE/WS/22/2014/2016 Provision of Bio hazard waste disposal services
TLH/PRE/WS/23/2014/2016 Provision of Garbage collection services
TLH/PRE/WS/24/2014/2016 Provision of T.V Services IF/RF Central system
TLH/PRE/WS/25/2014/2016 Provision of Staff Medical services
TLH/PRE/WS/26/2014/2016 Provision of Hospital Networking services
TLH/PRE/WS/27/2014/2016 Provision of Bio medical Engineering services
TLH/PRE/WS/28/2014/2016 Provision of Branding and Printing services
TLH/PRE/WS/29/2014/2016 Provision of interior design and services
TLH/PRE/WS/30/2014/2016 Provision of capacity building and training
TLH/PRE/WS/31/2014/2016 Provision of consultancy services on ISO-9001-2008Qms
TLH/PRE/WS/32/2014/2016 Provision of consultancy services on customer satisfaction surveys
TLH/PRE/WS/33/2014/2016 Provision of consultancy services on development of the hospital master plan