Friday, October 3, 2014

PREQUALIFICATION - LIMURU CDF COMMITTEE - Suppliers, Contractors, Service Providers - CLOSE 14/10/14

Limuru constituency development fund committee invites applications for prequalification of suppliers, contractors and service providers including consultants in the following areas

  1. LCDFC/PREQ/001/2014-2016 Consultancy services in Architecture, Quantity Surveying, Engineering, Training, ICT, Security, Agricultural, Environmental and other services
  2. LCDFC/PREQ/002/2014-2016 - Contractos in the building and structural, civil, electrical, security systems, ICT, water installation, roads, mechanical services and associated works
  3. LCDFC/PREQ/003/2014-2016 - Supply of petrol, oils and lubricants and LP gas
  4. LCDFC/PREQ/004/2014-2016 - Supply of hardware and building materials, electrical materials and appliances, paints and vanishes, fencing posts, timber etc
  5. LCDFC/PREQ/005/2014-2016 - Supply of GI and PVC pipes and fittings
  6. LCDFC/PREQ/006/2014-2016 - Supply of office stationery
  7. LCDFC/PREQ/007/2014-2016 - Supply of computers, tablets, laptops, UPS, printers, photocopier, fax, PABX, machines and accessories
  8. LCDFC/PREQ/008/2014-2016 - Supply and delivery of cleaning materials and accessories
  9. LCDFC/PREQ/009/2014-2016 - Supply of tyres, tubes and motor vehicle batteries
  10. LCDFC/PREQ/010/2014-2016 - Repair and maintenance of motor vehicles and motorcycles
  11. LCDFC/PREQ/011/2014-2016 - Supply of office furniture and equipment
  12. LCDFC/PREQ/012/2014-2016 - Repair of office machines and equipment
  13. LCDFC/PREQ/013/2014-2016 - Provision of printing and associated services
  14. LCDFC/PREQ/014/2014-2016 - Supply of uniforms and sports kits
  15. LCDFC/PREQ/015/2014-2016 - Supply of tree seedlings
  16. LCDFC/PREQ/016/2014-2016 - Provision of security services and systems
  17. LCDFC/PREQ/017/2014-2016 - Provision of transport services
  18. LCDFC/PREQ/018/2014-2016 - Provision of entertainment and public address systems and services
  19. LCDFC/PREQ/019/2014-2016 - Provision of video production and associated services
  20. LCDFC/PREQ/020/2014-2016 - Provision of accomodation, catering and conference facilities
  21. LCDFC/PREQ/021/2014-2016 - Provision of advertisement services
Prequalification documents are available from the CDF office, Limuru Town, during normal working hours upon payment of a non-refundable fee of Sh1,000/- and should be submitted to the following address

The Chairman
Limuru Constituency Development Fund Committee
Constituency Office, Limuru Town,
P.O. Box 11-00217

So as to be received on or before 14th October 2014 at 10 a.m.. The prequalification documents will be opened immediately thereafter in the presence of respondents or their representatives who choose to attend in the Committee boardroom.
Applicants wishing to participate must attach:
  • Copy of KRA PIN registration certificate
  • Copy of certificate of business registration/incorporation
  • Copy of current tax compliance certificate
  • Registration with National Construction Authority for contractors and associated works (NCA)
  • Certificate of registration with water resource management authority (WRMA) for water works
  • Company profile
Limuru constituency youth, women and persons living with disability are encouraged to apply.
The Limuru CDFC reserves the right to reject or accept either in whole or in part and is not bound to give reasons for its decision